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O'Connell-Connect is the one-stop-shop for small businesses, artists and individuals. We cater for all your digital needs: from your internet-presence to databases, service and training. Including UI, design, graphics and multimedia.

Whether you are looking to update your website or are just starting out in the business world, our passion for all things digital will boost your standing. Promised!

We offer you support in all your digital needs: from a website and email to network installations.

We offer:


your website is your digital business card. We can create a site for you that is modern, will stand out from the crowd and be found quickly by all the big search engines


A database is essential to any business: keep track of customers, look after them and keep them informed. The best way to successful customer-relationship management (CRM).


Learning is all about exchanging ideas. It doesn't matter how much we know, there's always something more to learn.

We can take your workplace efficiency to the next level with training and workshops.